Citrus Aurantium Extract

- Sep 15, 2018-

Tamping, Chinese medicine name; dry and young fruit of the genus Citrus and cultivar or sweet orange. Lime, Rutaceae, citrus small trees, dense foliage, more thorns, long branches of the thorns up to 8 cm. The leaves are dark green. Picking or collecting the self-falling fruit from May to June, cut from the middle to two halves, dried or low-temperature dry, the smaller ones are dried directly or dried at low temperature. Wash, muffle, cut and dry. For raw or bran.

"Drugization of Medicine": "The sputum is venting the stomach, and the guidance is firm, so the main sputum to cure the blood, the umbilical abdomen is full, eliminate phlegm, stop the water, eat every meal, break the chest, If you close your mouth, you can't do it. If the skin is itchy, because the blood stagnates in the middle, you can't nourish the muscles. If you don't think about your diet, you can't transport it because of the spleen and stagnation. The gas in the middle, but this is the most."

Small trees, dense foliage, more thorns, long branches of thorns up to 8 cm. The leaves are dark green, the texture is quite thick, the leaves are obovate, the base is narrow, the length is 1-3 cm, the width is 0.6-1.5 cm, or the individual varieties are few wings. Racemes have a small number of flowers, sometimes with a single flower, a single flower tendency, that is, stamen development, pistil degeneration; flower buds elliptic or nearly spherical; calyx 5 or 4 lobed, sometimes thickened after flowering, glabrous Or individual varieties of hair; flowers vary in size, flower diameter 2-3.5 cm; stamens 20-25, usually combined with multiple bundles.

Fruit round or oblate, the skin is slightly thick to very thick, difficult to peel, orange to vermilion, oil cell size is uneven, uneven, fruit heart or semi-full, scoop 10-13 petals, fruit taste sour, Sometimes it has a bitter taste or a specific odor; the seeds are many and large, often have ribbed edges, and the cotyledons are milky white, single or multiple embryos. Flowering period from April to May, fruiting period from September to December.

The fruit of the lime fruit is hemispherical, spherical or oval, with a diameter of 0.5 to 2.5 cm. The outer surface is dark green or dark brownish green with granular protrusions and wrinkles. There are obvious style base marks on the top, and there are disc rests or fruit stems on the base. The cut surface is smooth and slightly bulged, grayish white, thick 3~7mm, 1~2 rows of sunken oil spots on the edge, 7~12 petals of the sac, and a brown sac in the center, showing the wheel pattern. Hard quality. The gas is fragrant, bitter and slightly acidic.

The sweet orange sturdy skin is dark brown, smooth and has tiny granules. The cut surface is white, thick 2~4mm, and the sac is 8~11 petals. Sour and bitter. Decoction traits: The tampon is a semi-circular sheet with a diameter of about 0.5 to 2.3 cm. The outer peel is grayish green, blackish green or brownish green, which is rough and has many small oil spots. The cut surface is yellowish white or yellowish brown, the middle peel is slightly raised, and there are 1 to 2 oil chambers on the edge, and the sac is tan. Hard quality. The gas is fragrant and bitter. The bran fried simmered with a yellow cut surface, slightly focal spot, brittle and easy to break, gas fragrant, weak taste.