cocoa beans

- Apr 24, 2019-

Cocoa beans (green beans) have a water content of 5.58%, a fat of 50.29%, a nitrogenous substance of 14.19%, a theobromine of 1.55%, other non-nitrogen substances of 13.91%, a starch of 8.77%, a crude fiber of 4.93%, and an ash content of 40.4%. Potassium 31.28%, magnesium oxide 16.22%. Among them, theobromine, caffeine can stimulate the cerebral cortex, eliminate drowsiness, enhance the sense of touch and thinking, and can adjust the function of the heart, and also have the effect of dilating renal blood vessels and diuresis.

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According to the amount of fat contained, cocoa powder is mainly divided into high fat cocoa powder (fat content ≧ 20%), medium fat cocoa powder (fat content about 14% -20%) and low fat cocoa powder (fat content 10% - 14%) 3 types. High fat cocoa powder can also be called breakfast cocoa powder.

Other important health benefits of cocoa include improving insulin resistance, preventing chronic diseases, promoting cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of heart failure, increasing skin hydration, preventing skin photoaging, and reducing wrinkles.