Frankincense Extract Product Description

- Aug 31, 2018-

Frankincense [alias] nipple fragrance, dripping fragrant incense, smoked Luxiang, scented incense, Ma Siji, Tianzexiang, bath fragrance.

[English name] Olibanum.

[Medicinal parts] Boswellia carterli Birdw., an olive plant, and an oil-based resin exuded from the skin of the same plant.

[plant form] short arbor. The trunk is thick, the bark is smooth, and the color is light brown. Leaves alternate, densely forming leaf clusters, or sparsely in upper part, odd-pinnately compound leaves, petiolate sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately sessately , near heart-shaped or wedge-shaped, with irregular scallops on the edges, or inconspicuous tooth cracks to the entire entire edge, both sides are white or hairless, and the underside is sparse. Flowers small, arranged in racemes, sepals ovate, apex acute; calyx sateately sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate sate 10 pieces, born on the outside of the disk, anther orange, short filaments; ovary upper position, Hong 4 rooms, styles thick, stigma head. The fruit is small, obovate, with three blunt edges; the skin is smooth, fleshy and plump.

[Distribution of origin] Born in tropical coastal mountains. Distributed in northeastern Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and other places.

[Harvesting and processing] It can be harvested in spring and summer. At the time of picking, the skin of the trunk is cut from the bottom to the top, and a narrow groove is opened, so that the resin oozes out from the wound, flows into the ditch, and after a few days, it is solidified by a thousand solids.

[Medicine traits] are spherical, tear-like particles or irregular small pieces, sometimes sticking into clumps. Light yellow, brownish yellow or dark brown, often with a slight green, blue or brownish red. translucent. There is a layer of white cream on the surface. After removing the cream, the surface is still dull. It is crisp, with a waxy appearance, a dull finish, and a small amount of glassy luster. The gas is slightly aromatic and the taste is slightly bitter. Chew, first broken into small pieces, quickly softened into a rubber block, adhered to the teeth, saliva into a milky, and slightly spicy.