Marigold Bean Extract Product Description

- Jan 12, 2019-

Tagetes erecta L is an annual herb of the genus Marigold, with erect stems, thick and sturdy, with longitudinal ribs and branches spreading upwards. The leaves are pinnately divided; there are a few glands along the leaf margin. Flower heads solitary; total calyx, apate apate; ligulate yellow or dark orange; tubular flower corolla yellow. Achenes linear, base reduced, black or brown, shortly hairy; crown hairs 1-2 long awns and 2-3 short, blunt scales. Flowering from July to September. Native to Mexico. It can grow in the area of 1150 meters to 1480 meters above sea level, and is mostly born in roadside meadows. Marigold is often planted in spring, and it is often used in flower beds because of its large flowers and long flowering period.

Main value Marigold is a common landscaping flower. It has large flowers and long flowering period. It is often used to decorate flower beds, squares, flower arrangements, flower fields and cultivated hedges. Medium and dwarf varieties are suitable for flower beds, flower diameters, flower clusters, and potted plants; plants with higher varieties can be used as background materials or cut flowers.

Edible marigold flowers can be eaten. It is a famous dish in the flower recipe. Wash and dry the fresh marigold flower petals, and then fry it with flour. The flavor will be mouth-watering. It is like stinky tofu. It smells very smelly. It is fragrant and delicious.

Environmentally friendly marigold plants have strong resistance and absorption to hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide and other gases, and can also induce nematodes in the soil.

Medicinal roots: bitter, cool. Detoxification and swelling. For upper respiratory tract infection, whooping cough, bronchitis, keratitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, toothache; external treatment of mumps, mastitis, hemorrhoids swollen poison. Leaf: Gan, cold. For sputum, sores, sputum, sputum, nameless swollen poison. Inflorescence: bitter, cool. Pinggan Jiere, phlegm and phlegm. For dizziness, head wind and eye pain, convulsions in children, cold cough, cough, breast pain, phlegm. Flowers: Qingrejiedu, phlegm and cough; aroma, can be used as a fragrance; previously used as antibacterial, sedative, antispasmodic. Its plant, Tagetesminuta, contains volatile oils, which have sedative, antihypertensive, dilated bronchial, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. Root: bitter, cool. Detoxification and swelling. For acne swollen poison. Leaf: Gan,cold.For sputum,sores,sputum,sputum,nameless swollen poison. Inflorescence: bitter,cool.Pinggan Jiere, phlegm and phlegm. For dizziness, head wind and eye pain,convulsions in children,cold cough,cough,breast pain,phlegm.