Natural pigment classification

- Nov 17, 2018-

Natural pigments are classified into three categories according to their source: plant pigments. Such as 11r chlorophyll (green) in green leaves, carotene in orange (orange), lycopene in tomato (red), etc.; animal pigments, such as hemoglobin in muscle (red), shrimp in shrimp shell Red pigment (red), etc.; microbial pigment. Such as red yeast pigment (red) on the surface of the sauce tofu.

Natural pigments can also be classified according to structure, and are classified into porphyrin derivatives and isoprene derivatives. Polyphenol derivatives, ketone derivatives, anthraquinone derivatives and other six categories.

Plant-derived pigment carotenoids, tomato pigments (lycopene), natural carotene, mixed carotenoids, corn yellow, rouge, orange pigment, saffron pigment, gardenia yellow pigment, gardenia green pigment, capsanthin, Sweet pepper red pigment, chili orange pigment, pumpkin yellow pigment, sea buckthorn yellow, dense yellow pigment, citrus yellow pigment, sputum pigment, marigold pigment, citrus yellow, sputum pigment, ginkgo yellow pigment, bitter gourd pigment, dandelion pigment.

Flavonoids, glory pigment, perilla pigment, purple corn pigment, grape skin pigment, grape juice pigment, grape skin purple pigment, licorice pigment, ural glycyrrhizin pigment, sorghum pigment, chrysanthemum yellow pigment, safflower red pigment, red Flower, safflower yellow, safflower yellow, strawberry pigment, blackberry natural black red pigment, red cabbage, purple cabbage pigment, elder pigment, radish red, bilberry red, black rice pigment, black glutinous rice melanin, black bean red Black sesame pigment, black sunflower seed coat pigment, hollyhock red pigment, rose pigment, bitter rose pigment, roselle red, purple leaf small erythropoietin, purple leaf eucalyptus leaf red pigment, eucalyptus pigment, pomelo pigment, bayberry pigment, Natural amaranth red pigment, red peony red pigment, red bean batch pigment, red bean brown pigment, onion pigment, onion epidermal pigment, acorn shell brown, velvet red pigment, a bunch of safflower pigment, rose red pigment, blackcurrant pigment, Laver enamel pigment, laver moss pigment, mulberry red pigment, cowpea germ pigment, peanut clothing pigment, walnut pigment, pecan pigment, purple blue Pigment, purple yam pigment, red rice red, hematoxylin, shea fruit pigment, blue ingot red, tamarind pigment, yam pigment, Dali yellow pigment, red bud, red meat plum pigment, chestnut shell pigment, Wufan tree fruit pigment, Ligustrum lucidum natural purplish red pigment, Dianthus chinensis red pigment, Pyracantha fruit pigment, cherry pigment, Xuefeng red cherry red pigment, torch tree pigment, purple sweet potato red pigment, cowpea pigment, ganoderma pigment, peach Jinniang pigment, hook tea fruit pigment, Hedong Wumai pigment, purple sweet potato pigment, geranium pigment, purpura pigment, wild peony pigment, rhododendron pigment, safflower red pigment, muse pigment, naringin.

Polyphenolic compound tea yellow pigment, multi-eared brown, catechin melanin, sakura brown.

Indole compounds such as valerian red pigment, comfrey red, comfrey pigment, purple blue red pigment, shikonin, Polygonum cuspidatum pigment, impatiens red pigment, and cassia red pigment.

Chlorophyll chlorophyllin, chlorophyll, chlorophyll, chlorophyll copper complex salt, chlorophyll copper, chlorophyll copper sodium, sodium chlorophyllin sodium salt, chlorophyll zinc sodium, tea green tree, green tea powder, bamboo leaf pigment, spinach pigment, strawberry green pigment .

Alkaloids such as beet red, commercial land pigment, and red sunflower.

Diketone compound curcumin, butter resin (turmeric extract essential oil), turmeric.

Indole compound jujube pigment, jujube skin pigment, jujube red pigment, jujube red pigment, long leaf achyranthes pigment.

Source pigment caramel color, squid color, plant carbon black, cocoa black, vegetable oil smoke black, soup rice pigment, rice green fungus green pigment, pomegranate pigment, radish green pigment, red bean skin pigment, adzuki bean red pigment, Apple skin pigment, purple leaf leaf wood red pigment, banana peel pigment, Zizhu plum pigment, Haizhou Changshan pigment, bamboo pigment, eucalyptus brown black pigment, pineapple pigment, capsule pigment, Chinese herbal coffee pigment, chestnut skin pigment, three Leaf sea bream pigment,pigment, horseshoe skin pigment, dandelion fruit pigment, Dutch chrysanthemum pigment, moss pigment, stone lei, lichenirus dye extract, delphinium, rice flower anthocyanidin, trigonal prism honey natural pigment, cactus Pigment, longan nuclear brown pigment, sunflower anthocyanidin, poinsettia red pigment, chicory pigment.

Carotene compounds α-carotene, β-carotene, β-apo-8-carotene aldehyde, β-apo-8--caroate ethyl ester, lutein, lutein monofascin, and lutein Annatto, annatto, canthaxanthin, saffronic acid, capsanthin, astaxanthin, racemic astaxanthin, yew.

Microbial fermentation pigment monascus pigment, monascus yellow pigment, red yeast rice, gardenia blue pigment, gardenia red pigment, cocoa pigment, Phaffia pigment, bamboo yellow pigment.