Crossing Of Plant Extracts And Modern Botanicals

- Aug 24, 2018-

Plant extracts and modern botanicals have cross-cutting concepts in their connotations, and they contain part of each other. Modern botanicals are largely based on extracts, which are the main raw materials and components of modern botanicals; while some plant extracts are used directly as medicinal. There is currently no uniform definition of botanicals worldwide. But the West is used to calling botanicals natural drugs. Natural medicine refers to all untreated medicines that are derived from nature and used to treat diseases. Traditional Chinese medicines and botanical medicines should be included in their scope.

Modern plant medicines in Germany refer to plant extracts selected for treatment. They can be either whole plant extracts or partial extracts, usually complex chemicals. Germany has defined botanicals as drugs since 1976. This definition is currently being adopted by the American Plant Association.

The botanical product defined by the European Community is not only a single medicinal plant, but also a variety of botanicals (HERBAL MEDICAL PRODUCTS), containing specific plant active ingredients or plant extracts, botanicals are plants used for medical treatment. Purpose of medical supplies. Botanicals and their products are considered to be an active ingredient or a therapeutic product thereof that is not well understood. A botanical preparation is a method in which a plant is crushed into a powder, extracted, colored, liquefied or liquefied, and the plant juice is processed to produce a plant, which is purified or concentrated to separate a single compound or mixture from the plant. It is no longer considered a botanical drug but is considered a chemical such as atropine.