Dandelion Extract

- Sep 15, 2018-

Dandelion (Latin name: Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.-Mazz.) Asteraceae, dandelion is a perennial herb. Root conical, surface tan, shrunken, sometimes with wavy or pinnately lobed, base gradually narrowed into petiole, petiole and main vein often with reddish purple, upper part of calyx purplish red, densely corded white Stazzles; flower heads, total campanulate, achenes dark brown, long crested white, flowering from April to October.

Dandelion alias Huanghua Ding, mother-in-law, Huahualang and so on. Herba perennial herb. Head flower, the seed has a white crested pompon, after the flower blooms, the wind flies to a new place to breed a new life. Perennial herb. The root is slightly conical, curved, 4 to 10 cm long, the surface is tan, shrinking, and the head has brown or yellow-white fur.

Leaves obovate-lanceolate, oblanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, 4–20 cm long, 1-5 cm wide, apex obtuse or acutely lanceolate, sometimes sateately lanceolate or lanceolate, sometimes sometimes Inverted to a pinnately lobed or a largely lanceolate, apex lobes larger, triangular or trigonous. Tooth, flat or inverted, often with small teeth between the lobes, base gradually narrowed into petiole, petiole and main vein often with reddish purple, sparsely filamentous white pilose or few hairless.

Calyx 1 to several, as long as or slightly longer than leaves, 10–25 cm tall, upper part purplish red, densely stellately pubescently pubescently pubescent; locules ca. 30-40 mm in diam. 12 to 14 mm long, pale green; total bracts 2 to 3, extra-stem ovate lanceolate or lanceolate, 8–10 mm long, 1-2 mm wide, margin membranous, base Light green, upper purplish red, apex thickened or with small to medium horny lobes; inner locules linearly lanceolate, 10--16 mm long, 2-3 mm wide, apex purplish red, lanceolate Protrusion; ligature yellow, tongue length about 8 mm, width 1.5 mm, margins on the back of the tongue with purple-red stripes, anthers and stigma dark green.

Achenes obovate-lanceolate, dark brown, ca. 4–5 mm long, ca. 1–1.5 mm, with small spurs on the upper part, small tumors arranged in rows on the lower part, taper into a cone of ca. 1 mm. Shaped sputum base, 喙 6 to 10 mm long, slender; crown white, about 6 mm long. Flowering period from April to September, fruiting period from May to October.