Green Tea Extract Description

- Aug 23, 2018-

Green Tea is one of the main teas in China. It refers to the beverages made from the new leaves or buds of tea trees, which have not been fermented, processed by greening, shaping and drying. The color of the finished product and the brewed tea soup preserve the green color of the fresh tea leaves. Regular drinking of green tea can prevent cancer, reduce fat and lose weight, and it can also reduce the nicotine damage it receives.

Green tea is unfermented tea, which retains the natural substances of fresh leaves, and contains many nutrients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids and vitamins. These natural nutrients in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, etc., which are beyond the reach of other teas. Green tea is made from the tea shoots as a raw material, which is made by the typical process of killing, simmering and drying. The color of the dried tea and the tea soup and the bottom of the leaves are mainly green, hence the name green tea. Green tea is the freshly picked fresh leaves that have been killed by high temperature, killing various oxidases, keeping the green leaves of the tea, and then making it by simmering and drying. The clear green leaves are the common feature of green tea quality.

Green tea is known as "national drink." A large number of studies in modern science have confirmed that tea does contain biochemical ingredients closely related to human health. Tea not only has refreshing, clearing heat, relieving heat, eliminating phlegm, eliminating greasy weight loss, clearing heart and eliminating trouble, detoxifying and hangover, thirst, and smoldering. It has certain pharmacological effects on modern diseases such as radiation sickness, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. The main components of tea pharmacological action are tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine and the like.