Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder

Product Name: Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24%/6% Latin Name: Ginkgo biloba L Part Used: Fruit/Leaf Active Ingredient: flavone, Lactone Test Mothod: UV/HPLC Extraction method:water extraction/acohol extraction
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Ginkgo biloba extract has anti-oxidative activity, cardiovascular activity, anti-inflammatory activity and anti-tumor activity.It can dilate the cerebral blood vessels and arteries, and also has a good protective effect on microvessels, effectively preventing vascular vascular occlusion. Blood lipids, hypertension, diabetes and other symptoms have a good preventive effect, indirectly reducing the incidence of common eye diseases (cataracts, glaucoma, vitreous opacity, retinopathy, diabetes and other common eye diseases), can effectively purify the blood It strengthens blood vessels, prevents heart disease, and is effective against brain disorders, anti-aging, and cancer prevention.



1.An effective anti-oxidant.

2.Anti-cancer and preventing cancer.

3.Promot cerebral blood circulation and cellular metabolism.

4.Lower blood pressure and high blood fat.

5.Tonifying kidney and nourishing brain, whitening and anti-wrinkle.

6.Be effective on dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing immunity.

7.Protect low-density lipoprotein

8.  Prevention artery spasm


1.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it can be used for treating stomach ache, diarrhea, high blood pressure, nervousand respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis. 
2. Applied in health product field, it can effectively reduce breast pain and emotional instability.
3. Functional foods areas: protecting vascular endothelial tissue, regulating blood lipids.

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