Milk Thistle In Chinese

Name : Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin Other name: Silymarin Source: Milk Thistle seed Latin name: Silybum Marianum Ingredient: ilymarin Specfication :40%-80%Silymarin Test methods:UV-VIS/HPLC CAS No.: 65666-07-1 Molecular Formula: Molecular Weight: Appearance: brown yellow powder
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Milk thistle has the efficacy for liver protecting, improving the function of liver, promotis biliation and diminishing liver inflammation. As a kind of better antioxidant, it can clea free radical in human body, postpone senility. Silymarin can protect the liver from damage of alcohol, chemical toxicant, drug, food poison, accelerate liver cell regenerating and repairing. So it is called "The natural liver-protection drug".
In addition, Silymarin has the function of anti radiation and, arteriosclerosis preventing, skin-aging delaying. It is widely used in drug, health products, food and cosmetic.



1.Protect liver, improve liver function, promote the secretion of bile and inflammation

2. Strong antioxidant, can remove the body of free radicals, delay senescence 
3. Prevent alcohol, chemical toxin, heavy metal, drugs, food toxins, the environment pollution and so on of the damage to the liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells and repair


1. Protecting liver
2. Preventing liver disease
3. Increasing function of liver
4. Regenerating liver cell
5. Anti-atherosclerotic

Material:Owning cultivation base as 100% Natural material stable source;
Testing equipment:UV, HPLC, GC;
Supply Ability:Supplying conventional and customized plant extract products;
Delivery Time:Usually within 24 hours after confirming your payment.

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