Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

● Product name: Golden Needle Mushroom Extract, enoki mushroom
● Latin name: Flammulina velutipes
● Part Used: Mycelium fruiting body
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Product Details

● Product name:  Golden Needle Mushroom Extract, enoki mushroom 

● Latin name:   Flammulina velutipes    

● Part Used: Mycelium fruiting body

● Specification:  30%, 40%, 50% Polysaccharids

● Appearance:  yellow-brown  powder 

● Extract Method:Grain Alcoho and Water

Flammulina velutipes, also named winter mushroom, according to analysis prove that each 100g flammulina contain vitamin B 253.2mg, vitamin C 10.9mg, protein 13g, carbohydrate, mineral 7.56g, also contain carotene, kinds of amino acid and nucleic acid. Flammulina has the complete needed amino acid, especially for lysine and argentine, it is useful for child's brain cell growth. Flammulina also has medical use, long use can prevent and cure liver system disease and depress cholesterol


1.Benefit liver function

2.Gastrointestinal benefits

3.Anti-cancer tumors

4.Enhance immune system

5.Lower choleterol

6.Increasing the gastric peristalsis 


1.Applied in food field, it's used as food additive with the function of lengthening life.

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is frequently used as medicine supplement or OTCs ingredients and owns good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.

3.Applied in cosmetics, it can delay aging and prevent UV radiation.

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