Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

● Product name: Aloe Vera Extract
● Specification: 20% 95% HPLC
● Appearance: Brown
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Product Details

High Quality aloe vera extract 20% 90%

● Product name: Aloe Vera Extract 

● Specification: 20% 95% HPLC

● Appearance: Brown 

● Cas No.: 1415-73-2

● Molecular Formula: C21H22O9


1.With the function of anti-bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, it can accelerate the concrescence of the wounds.
2.Eliminating waste material from the body and promoting the blood circulation.
3.With the function of whitening and moisturizing skin, especially in treating acne.
4.Relieving the pain and treating hangover, sickness, seasickness.
5.Preventing skin being damaged from ultraviolet radiation and making skin soft and elastic.


1. Applied in food field and health care product, it contains a lot of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, which can help body with better health care.
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it has the function of promoting tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory.
3. Applied in cosmetic field, it can be used to nourish and cure the skin.   

Sheld Life

Two Years When Properly Stored


Store in Cool and Dry Places.Please Keep Away From Strong Light

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