Rosemary Leaf Extract

Name : Rosemary Extract Carnosic acid Source: Rosemary Botanical Name : Rosmarinus officinalis Extract part: Leaf Composition : Carnosic acid Purity:60% Appearance: Fine Brownish Yellow powder Country of origin:P.R. China
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Rosemary can be consumed under the forms of tea, tincture, capsules or ethereal oils. Rosemary consumption improves digestion, fights against obesity, liver diseases, gastritis, cholesterolemia, bronchic asthma, edemas, and adjusts fast heart beats caused especially by irritability, coffee or tobacco excess. Because of its antiseptic and tonic properties, rosemary is extremely beneficial in cases of fainting, influenza, hangovers, asthma, bronchitis, cramps, constipation, cystitis, headaches, polypus, colds, cough, sinusitis or muscular pains. The plant also has a good influence on the blood circulation and blood pressure. It is easily soluble in water or oil. It is widely used in flavor, beverage and cosmetics. It is also an effective antioxidant and could destroy bacteria.



1.No solvent residue.  

2.Strong inoxidizability. 

3.Natural and green ,no side effect.

4.Excellent thermostability. 

5.High antibacterial properties. 

6.Easy to dissolve. 

7.Convenient to use, well soluble and dispersible in liquid foods.

8.Stable and hot-resistant ,not easy to be decompounded in high temperature.



Carnosic acid can be used as strong natural antioxidant in lipid products and is suitable for the anti-oxidation of oily components.

Carnosic acid is widely used in the various animal and vegetable oils and fats, meat,seafood, sauces, 

seasonings, baked goods, fried products, advanced confectionery, health products, pet food, natural colors, cream 

cosmetics, fragrances. 

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