Rosehip Extract Vitamin C

● Product Name: Rose Hips Extract
● Botanical Name: Rosa Laevigata Michx. , Rosa canina.
● Active Ingredient: Vitamin C, Polyphenol, Ascorbic acid
● Part Used: Fruit
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Product Details

● Product Name: Rose Hips Extract

● Botanical Name: Rosa Laevigata Michx. , Rosa canina.

● Active Ingredient: Vitamin C, Polyphenol, Ascorbic acid

● Part Used: Fruit

● Specification: 10%~25% Vitamin C; 

● Extract Ratio:  5:1, 10:1, 20:1 

● CAS: 50-81-7

● Molecular formula: C6H8O6

● Appearance: Brown Powder

Rose hip is the fruit that develops from the blossoms of the wild rose plant. A common ingredient in herbal teas, rose hip is also available in supplement and powdered form. Rose hip contains a number of antioxidants,including vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and lycopene.


1. Antioxidation, preventing skin aging and protecting the brain and nerve tissue from oxidation.

2. Strengthen the spleen and helping digestion.

3. Improve blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and monitors the menstrual cycle.

4. Treatment of patients suffering from knee or hip osteoarthritis.

5. Protect against cancer.

6. Protect against cardiovascular disease (CVD).

7. Treatment of influenza-like infections, diarrhea

8. Diuretic and laxative and treatment of various urinary tract disorders


Double plastic bag of foodstuff inside, cardboard drum outside or at customer's request.

Package Specification: 25kg/Drum

Shelf life: 2 years

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