100% Pure Folium Llicis Latifoliae Extract

100% Pure Folium Llicis Latifoliae Extract

Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract Product Description: Product Name: Broadleaf holly leaf extract Latin Name: Broadleaf holly Part Used: Leaf Active Ingredient: Test Mothod: UV/HPLC Specifications: 4:1 10:1 Certified: Kosher,Halal,Haccp,ISO What Is? IIex latifolia (is a species of holly,native to...
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Broadleaf Holly Leaf Extract

Product Description:

  •   Product Name:  Broadleaf holly leaf extract 

  •   Latin Name:   Broadleaf holly  

  •   Part Used:  Leaf 

  •   Active Ingredient:  

  •   Test Mothod: UV/HPLC

  •   Specifications:4:1 10:1

  •   Certified:Kosher,Halal,Haccp,ISO

What Is?

IIex latifolia (is a species of holly,native to southern Japan and eastern and southern China(Jiangsu south to Fujian and west to Yunnan),growing in broadleaf forests at altitudes of 200-1500m.It is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree growing to 10-20m tall with a trunk up to 60cm diameter.The bark is dark brown,with a rough surface.The leaves are alternate,broad lanceolate to ovate-oblong,8-24cm long and 4-8cm broad (among the largest of any species of holly),glossy dark green above,paler below,with a thick,leathery texture and serrated (but not spiny) margins,The flowers are yellowish-green,with a flour-lobed corolla,produced in late spring;it is dioecious,with male and female flowers on separate trees.The fruit is a drupe 7mm diameter,ripening orangered to dark red in winter,and containing four seeds;they are often produced in dense clusters on the stens.

Main Function of Extract:

1. Anti-tumor.

2. Lowering blood lipid.

3. Lowering blood glucose.

4. Lowering blood pressure.

5. Antioxidation.

6. Anti-fertility.

7. Has the effects of sterilization and anti-inflammation.

Application of extract:

1.Applied in the food field, it has become a new raw material which used in food and beverage industry;

2.Applied in the health product field;

3.Applied in the pharmaceutical field.

holly leaf1

holly leaf3

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